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Ritual Bath Salts - Raising 4 on 6 Homestead

Ritual Bath Salts - Raising 4 on 6 Homestead

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This Reiki infused salt blend to your bath can help ease your body, clear your energetic field, and bring you feelings of relaxation and peace. As a Reiki practitioner I have seen firsthand how cleansing your energetic body is JUST as important as cleansing your physical body. This jar makes doing that as simple as POUR. SOAK. BREATHE 

Each jar comes with its own: 

Amethyst or Rose Quartz Crystal 

Mantra and tips on how and when to use it. 

Comes in  varieties:  Self Love & Calming

Self-Love:  This blend emanates feelings of love, attention and creates energetic pathways to allow more space for like energy.  Contains: Rose quartz, rosebuds, Epsom salt, Himalayan salt.

Calming:  This blend helps create feelings of relaxation and peace.  Contains: Amethyst, lavender, Epsom salt & Chamomile

Detox: This blend removes toxins and negative energy. Cleanse and purify your body and energic field. 

All ingredients in this product as well as all of my products are made from organic ingredients and are recipes that I use in my home with my family. Quality matters. Each batch is made in small batches to ensure that you will be receiving the best product possible.

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