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Face Serum - Raising 4 on 6

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Use this moisture locking face serum as part of your nightly routine. A small amount applied to a freshly washed face will have you waking up with silky soft skin every morning. Includes Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, Dandelion Oil, and Vitamin E Oil 

Argan Oil benefits: -has anti-aging effects -protects from sun damage -moisturizes skin -heals skin infections -soothes atopic dermatitis Rosehip benefits: -brightens skin -prevents blackheads -reduces inflammation -contains linoleic acid which can aid in acne prevention and SHRINK pimples 

 Dandelion Oil benefits: -detoxifies the skin -clears out pores -gets rid of & prevents acne in the future -is GREAT for acne prone skin types

Vitamin E oil benefits: -prevents and treats fine lines and wrinkles -prevents and minimizes the appearance of scars -skin cancer prevention -and more 

All ingredients in this product as well as all of my products are made from locally foraged &/or organic ingredients and are recipes that I use in my home with my family. Quality matters. Each batch is made in small batches to ensure that you will be receiving the best product possible.

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